Monthly Archives: August 2011

The High Cost of Textbooks is Not Just the Price

The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn, has expressed concern about the price of school textbooks and is proposing four practical changes to reduce the cost burden on parents. Continue reading

Why the CAO Points for Teaching Matter to All Teachers

The number of CAO points required for entry to teaching courses matters to qualified teachers as well as to those who wish to become teachers. The points give an indication of the status of the teaching profession in the country. Continue reading

Connection between Leaving Cert Maths Results and Future Maths Teaching

Imagine a country where most post-primary students perform well in mathematics and get good results in their maths exams. Assuming that the exams are of a good quality, the graduates of such a system will generally be clear, logical thinkers and creative problem solvers. Continue reading

Timing of Transition Year

Can anyone tell me why transition year in most schools is held immediately after the Junior Cert and before studying for the Leaving Cert begins? Continue reading

Reforming teaching practice so that children learn more

With minor variations, teaching practice placements in Irish primary colleges of education are organised along similar lines. Students, individually or in pairs, are assigned to the classrooms of experienced teachers for periods of three or four weeks, where they teach the children at least two and up to six or seven lessons a day, covering most or all curriculum subjects over the period. Continue reading

Fighting Words and Magic Numbers

Fighting Words is great, but can something similar be done for maths?

Fighting Words is a wonderful initiative to get children writing. It’s situated close to Dublin’s north inner city and the core staff, assisted by a band of volunteers, help students of all ages “develop their writing skills and .. explore their love of writing.” Continue reading