I am a teacher educator, primary teacher (registered with the Teaching Council) and associate nutritionist (registered with the Association for Nutrition). I work as Registrar and Vice President (Academic Affairs) at the Marino Institute of Education in Dublin. Before becoming a teacher educator, I spent eleven years teaching, mostly in the Kilkenny School Project National School, where I spent a year as principal. My research interests include teachers’ mathematical knowledge, the teaching of mathematics in primary school, the quality of mathematics textbooks, and approaches to teacher education. I have studied in the United States, at Harvard University where I was awarded a Masters in Education (Technology in Education), and at the University of Michigan where I received a PhD (Teaching and Teacher Education) in 2008. I am a member of the Advisory Committee on the National Assessments of English Reading and Mathematics in Ireland. My book for beginning primary teachers, titled Become the Primary Teacher Everyone Wants to Have: A Guide to Career Success, was published by Routledge on 30 August 2016. Here is a review of the book from the November 2016 edition of InTouch. I present and produce Inside Education, a podcast about education. Views expressed here are my own – except where otherwise indicated.

You can download a short biographical sketch here and my curriculum vitae here. My blog can be read at My profile on Google Scholar can be viewed here .

Blogs, Podcasts and Websites I Enjoy

Here is a selection of the blogs and podcasts that I dip into on a regular basis. Most of them relate to my interests in running, radio, writing and research; some of them are more general.

Category Link Type
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Education Annie Murphy Paul Blog
Spirituality Zen Habits Blog
Spirituality On Being Podcast and website

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  1. Ciarán O'Neill

    Hello Seán,
    I was delighted to recently discover this treasure trove of thinking and ambition for Education.

    Alfie Kohn was a guest of yours and you mentioned his name in relation to Open Mind with John Quinn. I wonder if you might know where and if it is possible to access the show.

    A new and excited listener to your podcast

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