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Coaching for Teachers?

I want to be the best teacher and teacher educator I can be. To try and do this I sign up for professional development opportunities when I can, read books and articles about teaching and learning, attend conferences, and engage in further study. But there is one opportunity to improve my teaching that I’ve never tried – partly because it’s difficult to set up, but mostly because I didn’t think of it: coaching. Continue reading

School League Tables and Improving Teaching

Teacher unions are critical of league tables. When tables of college entry linked to schools were published in national newspapers last week, the general secretary of the ASTI said that “It is important to recognise that these tables do not tell us about the real performance of schools. In fact they present a shallow, incomplete and distorted picture of the work of schools.” Although many educators might agree with this view, it can sometimes be helpful to look at the other side.

Let’s just suppose that league tables are useful. At their very best, what good are they? Here are some possible benefits that I can think of. Continue reading

Teaching Practice changes will help bridge schools and colleges

Changes are afoot in how schools and teacher education institutions interact with one another. The changes are set out in the Teaching Council’s document on Initial Teacher Education: Criteria and Guidelines for Programme Providers  and they are intended to benefit schools, student teachers and colleges. Highlights of the required changes are as follows: Continue reading

Time to link CPD with classroom practice and children’s learning

The Teaching Council has published a report (available here)  on primary teachers’ participation in professional development that draws on data gathered from teachers’ responses to questionnaires in the Growing up in Ireland study. Teachers were asked the following questions: Continue reading