Here are links to some papers that I have authored and co-authored:

Delaney, S. (2017). Become the Primary Teacher Everyone Wants to Have: A Guide to Career Success . Book published by Routledge.

Delaney, S. (2012). Maths Teaching in Your School: Questions to Clarify and Change Practice. Leadership+ 70, p. 6.

Delaney, S. (2012). A validation study of the use of mathematical knowledge for teaching measures in Ireland. ZDM 44 (3), 427-441. The final publication is available at at

Blömeke, S. & Delaney, S. (2012). Assessment of teacher knowledge across countries: A review of the state of research. ZDM 44 (3), 223-247. The final publication is available at

Delaney, S. (2010) Knowing what counts: Irish primary teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching. Dublin, Ireland: Marino Institute of Education & Department of Education and Science

Delaney, S. (2010) The absent voice of (primary) teachers. Intouch, 114, October 2010

Charalambous, C.Y., Delaney, S., Hsu, H., & Mesa, V. (2010) A Comparative Analysis of the Addition and Subtraction of Fractions in Textbooks from Three Countries. Mathematical Thinking and Learning 12 (2), 117-151. The original publication is available here.

Delaney, S. (2008) Knowledge for practice: The mathematical demands of primary teaching. Intouch, 98, October 2008

Delaney, S. (2008) Unacknowledged expertise: Irish teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching. Intouch, 97, October

Delaney, S., Ball, D.L., Hill, H.C., Schilling, S.G., & Zopf, D., (2008) “Mathematical knowledge for teaching”: Adapting U.S. measures for use in Ireland. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 11(3), 171-197. The original publication is available here.

Delaney S., 2008, Adapting and using U.S. measures to study Irish teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching. Unpublished doctoral dissertation: University of Michigan

Delaney, S. (2005). Mathematics professional development for primary teachers: Looking back and looking forward. In Close, S., Dooley, T., & Corcoran, D., (Eds.) Proceedings of the first national conference on research in mathematics education (p. 235 – 249). Dublin, Ireland: St. Patrick’s College.

Delaney, S. (2003) Different Ways to Calculate. Intouch, 46, January/February 2003, Dublin, Ireland: Irish National Teachers’ Organisation

Delaney, S. (2002) Using Gaelic Games to Teach Mathematics Primary teachers’ mathematics association newsletter. Dublin, Ireland.

Delaney, S. (1999) Physical Coordination and Dyslexia. Unpublished manuscript.

In order to read most of these papers you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it.


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